Each of the four workshops provide experiential learning from a particular perspective. Each opens the vast and complex Enneagram material to deeper insight.  Each combines presentations, exercises, and sharing circles in the Narrative tradition as championed by Helen Palmer.

Each event’s perspective opens a doorway to the whole. You may choose to attend any one, or all four events, and in any order that is convenient for you.

Enneagram Workshops

Gut Dynamics

for every Enneagram type.. MORE

Heart Dynamics

for every Enneagram type. MORE

Head Dynamics

for every Enneagram type. MORE

WARNING LABELS: Please read!

1. Find your personal doorway to Enneagram depth…

These workshops and materials are intended to help you find your personal doorway into the Enneagram’s insight, not to present one to you.  The bad news; there is no pill form, no easy way to determine which doorway will work for you. There are too many.

If you are expecting someone to tell you

who you are and what’s important to you,

please don’t come.

2. Expect variety, encouragement and celebration…

Classic enneagram terminology will be used without apology, to avoid confusion. You will be asked to explore and express your personal experiences of these concepts, including any resistances to the vocabulary. Grounded this way, all varieties of personal metaphor are encouraged and celebrated. This is done through facilitated, conversational “talk circles,” in the story-sharing tradition of Helen Palmer.  

If getting in touch with and sharing how your story

aligns with established archetypes sounds either

threatening or boring to you,

please don’t come!

  1. 4.Participate in lighthearted and collegial space…

You will need to have some maturity level as a spiritual seeker… and please, bring it with you! There is no denying the complexities of the Enneagram and its many doorways can be overwhelming: you will want to quit. These workshops will not baby or cajole you into staying the course, but... in as loving, lighthearted and collegial way as possible, will support your finding the doorway that is right for you.

If you don’t understand how much fun it can be

to get honest with a group of people who are doing the same,

please don’t come!

Heading Home, Mindfully

Mining the Worldview of your

type, one breath at a time

Voicing the Virtues of Heart

Becoming present, being present

and staying present

Unmasking Subtype Behaviors

Befriending the subconscious hijackers hiding in your Gut instincts



for how Enneagram works. MORE

Enneagram Jumpstart

Gut, Heart, and Head: the Map,

the Language, and the Tool



Enneagram Jumpstart

(Head, Heart, Gut)


Coming Home Mindfully



Voicing the Virtues



Unmasking Subtype Behaviors