are a unique assemblage of patterns standing in a specific relationship with IT. 

Your may think it’s safer to play by the rules.

You may addict yourself to the pleasure of the chase.

You may say “hell with it” and order a cheeseburger. 

All three represent an automatic, unconscious and comforting story that says “I’m ok over HERE, and IT (my high performance zone) is ok as long as it’s over THERE.”

At some point, this standoff, this uneasy truce between YOU and IT shows itself for the energy-draining inefficiency that it is.

At some point, the disadvantages of your staying with the comforting stories you tell yourself about yourself become apparent.

Perhaps tweaking  your current rules or your current game plan one more time does not feel so reliable or so promising.

Perhaps pumping up the energy for the chase with more exotic sounding rewards feels more exhausting than exhilarating.

Perhaps there’s more on the menu (there’s a menu?) than your trusty cheeseburger.

Coaching, it’s true, can deliver new rules, reframed rewards, a jazzier cuisine. But there’s more.

What if, while you get busy addressing these issues, you are also working on something larger. What if, with practice, you find that IT, your high performance, is more accessible by a relaxing of your old issues and strategies, by a shifting in the way YOU relate to IT.

Sirius coaching  works concurrently on both these levels. The differing patterns (the micro) for rule-hounds, reward junkies and burger bombers are honored for what they are... starting points.

Creating a high synergy relationship (the macro) between your unique patterns and your equally unique high performance experiences is where the big payoff occurs.

Sirius coaching is about workable tools for NOW, and requires an out-of-box coach like TIM.

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