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helps you connect to your next steps via his knowledge of several insight systems, and his own performance experience as a business owner, advertising creative director, stage actor... and as a coach.
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Tim Flood brings 25 years of business and consulting experience to the coaching table. As an award-winning advertising creative director, agency owner, marketing consultant and coach, Tim serves a clientele that is largely entrepreneurial; Presidents, CEO’s and owners of small to mid-sized companies. Their personalities, inseparable from the story of the endeavors they lead, are the focus of Tim’s concern whether the reason for his involvement is advertising, marketing, team communications, internal promotions & training, or private coaching. 

A critical premise throughout Tim’s work: any  investment  of time or  money in elaborate manipulations of information is unwise, even foolish. Without a discovery process to identify the driving force of the story to be told, its expression... whether in corporate identity, marketing plan, inter-departmental promotion or management persona... will prove ultimately to be inefficient, even counter-productive. 

Only the story with the potency of truth behind it is worth spending money and effort to tell. Indeed, it is the truthful story that succeeds with the minimum amount of effort, whether it is voiced in the media, across a conference table, or in a nose to nose confrontation. 

Tim’s coaching, training and consulting practice is an extension of his skill in guiding a discovery process that gives voice to the real story. 

While Tim differentiates himself in terms of his knowledge of the Enneagram, he is practiced and certified in several change modalities, including Emotional Intelligence, the MBTI and others. Customized approaches flow naturally from the discovery process described above, and have served the needs of clients in every sector of the economy: from local to federal government, from corporate to privately held businesses, to not-for-profits. Enneagram is a perfect fit for this approach. Its powerful articulations of the true self differentiate it from other personality typing systems, often limited in their application to behavioral preferences or social needs.  The Enneagram links behavior to motivation, the driving force of an individual’s story. When this internal motivation is recognized, the real story finds its voice, speaks its name, and most importantly, opens to change.

Tim Flood is the first Enneagram Teacher in Tampa Bay certified by Helen Palmer & David Daniels, MD, of the TriFold School, Berkeley, California.He is committed to transmitting as clearly as possible the great depth of understanding they have brought to the study of the Enneagram.

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