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When getting there takes a little help

on the side.

is the high performance  zone, where everything comes together. 

Artists call it “the right brain.” 
Jocks call it “the zone.” 
Performers of all stripes call it “transparency.” 

Many are now using the word “presence.”

How to access  IT more regularly and reliably is the point. That’s what many of us want, and most need help with.

Why is it that we need help?

Perhaps we are led to believe that one-size-fits-all solutions will always do the trick, and they don’t.

Perhaps we have trouble seeing that yesterday’s valid and effective solution is not working for today’s reality.

Or perhaps we are, simply, human beings, capable of working in isolation, but designed to perform better with a little help from our friends.

A basic premise of Sirius coaching is that your unique path to IT is already in your experience... those moments that propelled your life forward and yet had the quality of time standing still or slowing down. Those moments are your IT... your right brain, your zone, you in transparency.

Those moments are the starting point of Sirius coaching. And having more ready access to more of them is the goal.

Which is where YOU come in.